In our members' own words...

“The American Booksellers Association strongly supports increased federal funding for America’s libraries.”
— Oren Teich, CEO, American Booksellers Association
“Full funding for the Library Services and Technology Act and the Innovative Approaches to Literacy program is critical. In an age of rapid technological innovation, libraries enable citizens to keep pace with easy and affordable access to the internet and other techno¬logical resources that help them find jobs, start businesses, and provide skills training necessary for the 21st Century economy.”
— Ken Wasch, President & CEO, Software and Information Industry Association
“Libraries play a critical role within communities across America, promoting literacy without discrimination and providing educational opportunities that transform lives and fuel lifelong learners. Today’s libraries equip citizens with literacy tools and resources that enhance employable skills and stimulate the country’s economy.”
— Matthew Bellamy, Chief Commercial Officer, bibliotheca
“Now more than ever, America’s public libraries are reaching deep into all facets of the communities they serve offering patrons vital services that are having a profound impact on their lives.”
— David Cully, President, Baker & Taylor
“There is nothing more vital to a community than a library. Where else can someone go to
expand their thinking and learn about the world around them then this place. A library is more
than important—it is vital.”
— Matt Keller, Capstone Chief Marketing Officer.
“EBSCO has worked with libraries for more than 70 years and understands the value they bring to their communities. CCLI brings together companies who are in a unique position to share concerns about library funding and highlight the impact libraries have on their users.”
— Tim Collins, President and CEO, EBSCO Information Services
“As schools across the country struggle to curate content and connect students with digital
resources, librarians are positioned like never before to play a leadership role in their schools
and districts. A great library program is the foundation for a future ready district.”
— Nader Qaimari, President, Follett School Solutions
“Libraries are critical infrastructure in the knowledge economy. Gale supports the Institute of
Museum and Library Services and LSTA funding in order to protect private sector jobs and
ensure millions of Americans can continue to rely on their state, public, school, and university
libraries for the information they need to succeed at school, work and life.”
— Paul Gazzolo, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Gale, a Cengage company
“At Mackin, we stand together with our colleagues and CCLI, supporting and reinforcing the
fact that libraries are essential to the growth of our communities. They must be funded
appropriately, as tomorrow’s thinkers, leaders and shapers of the future depend on it.”
— Randal Heise, Owner, Mackin Educational Resources
“Libraries provide a proven economic catalyst for every community in America. They empower
our citizens to enter and enhance our workforces, enable businesses to be competitive, and
inspire thousands of startups and entrepreneurs every year. America’s libraries drive successful
outcomes for all of our cities and states.”
— Steve Potash, CEO & President, OverDrive
“The American public relies on libraries. Schools thrive with them. Communities and economies
are strengthened by the services they provide. Let’s do the right thing and keep our libraries
strong with the federal funding that they so greatly rely on.”
— Margaret Quinlin, President and Publisher, Peachtree Publishers
“Community and school libraries help ensure that learners of all ages have access to the
information they need to succeed in the digital age. They deserve our support.”
— Tim Bozik, President, Global Product, Pearson
“Federal funding for libraries is critical if Americans in rural and urban communities, both
young and old, are to have the materials they need—from books to computers with current
software to Internet/broadband access—to find that next job, start that next business, or
complete that next level of education. Think of our public libraries as the base on which the
engine of our economy sits.”
— Jeanne Devlin, Publisher, The RoadRunner Press
“Libraries and librarians serve our nation in so many ways: whether providing coding classes
for students, job information for job seekers or job changers; online access for those citizens
without computers at home, health resources or multi-lingual materials. When the library’s
doors remain open for business, patrons thrive and our economy prospers.”
— Roger Rosen, CEO & President, The Rosen Publishing Group